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Please find below answers to our most frequently asked questions.

You can find out more detail about the course and other areas of the event by watching our FAQ video guide under our ‘video section’ or by clicking here 

When are the New Forest Marathon races held?
All races will take place on Sunday 9th September 2018. We have worked with local running clubs to fits nicely into the running calendar for this year.

Where do I park my car when arriving on race day?
New Park Showground has extensive parking on site so there’s plenty of room for everyone. We ask for a small fee of £3 per car to park all day.

Is there a shuttle bus operating from Brockenhurst Railway Station to the Race Village?
Yes we have a New Forest Marathon Shuttle Bus operating from Brockenhurst Railway Station to New Park Showground (Race Village) on Sunday September 9th from 7am – 6pm. It costs £5 return or £3 single and is for both runners and spectators. The full timetable for 2018 to be confirmed soon.

Can I enter if I am not a member of a team or club?
Yes of course, one of our aims is to encourage as many people to be active as possible. We know that the New Forest has the highest percentage of active people but also the highest proportion of obesity in the county. It is imperative to us to offer events that so runners of all levels can enjoy the beautiful New Forest.  There are training guides found on the training zone section of this site for all distances. You will find this particularly useful if you are a new runner. We have support from NHS Choices who have supplied excellent content guiding you from your first steps to 5k and beyond.

You certainly don’t need to be a member of a running club, or an official team, in order to participate in our races. Simply leave the ‘Team/Club Name’ blank on the entry form and run as an unattached runner. If you are unattached or your club is not affiliated to UK Athletics you pay a slightly higher entry fee which makes sure you are properly insured for this event.

Is there a route guide?
You can find maps of each route in the course profiles section under ‘the race’ Here is a useful video that will give you a snap shot of all the routes. (The routes for 2018 are the same as in 2016)

How old do I have to be to compete?
On race day you must be 18 years or over to run the full marathon and 17 years or over to run the half marathon. For the 10k 16 years or over and the 5k 11 years or over. However for those Juniors who are 8yrs – 10yrs they can enter the 5k if accompanied by an adult, see entry page for further detail. The Junior Race 1k is open to 5 years upwards and the Junior 200m to any age as we wish to inspire everyone to take part including buggies and parents.

Is there more than one 5k Race?

There is only one New Forest Marathon 5k Race which includes Junior 8yrs-10yrs, Junior 11yrs-16yrs and Adults so all start at the same time.

What time do the Races/Events start?  

P&P/Southern Events Full Marathon        9.00am

Advertiser and Times Half Marathon        9.55am

 New Forest Health and Leisure 10k           10.25am

 ExxonMobil 5k                                                10.40am

Woodland Walk                                               10.15am

NB: An official warm up will take place in the ‘Your Physio Plan Warm Up/Cool Down Arena’ approximately 15 minutes before the start of each race apart from the Woodland Walk where you will meet at Race Registration.

Are there prizes in all Races?

All events have a range of prizes from our very genourous sponsors covering 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (Male/Female), age categories and a wide range of spot prizes. Spot prizes are allocated to finishing positions throughout the races to allow everyone the chance of winning a prize. All winning times are selected via Gun Time from the official FR System results as per UKA guidelines.  

Will New Forest Marathon accept any late entries on race day?
All entries must be received online and with payment in full, by the 31st August 2018 as stated on the entry form. However, if space allows we will do our best to find a solution . We reserve the right to close entries if a race is Sold Out before this date. The 2017 event was a complete sell out.

Where can I obtain entry forms for each race from?
Entry is only available online but if you need assistance with this, we are happy to guide you through the process. If you have any problems please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you.

I have no internet access, can I still enter?
Yes of course you can. We cant let that get in the way! Please get in touch or ask someone to email us on your behalf on info@newforestmarathon.co.uk. Alternatively you can fill in the form on the contact us section and we will do the rest for you.

Will I receive confirmation of entry into the race?
You will receive a confirmation via email with all details of the race you have entered.

When and where can I collect my race pack?
Race packs containing all necessary information,  T-shirt, race number, safety pins, baggage sticker and race magazine will be available for collection on Friday 7th September 4pm – 9pm and Saturday 8th September 10am – 8pm. There will be an option to collect your pack on race day, however we strongly encourage you if your local or it is at all possible to collect these prior to the event to save time on the day and ease the pressure on our registration team.


Can I collect a race pack for a friend/s?
Of course you can.. All we need is your ID, so we know who you are and your friend’s ID including name and address e.g. Driving Licence. If this matches our records then all is well. Alternatively you can bring along a picture of your friend’s photo ID on your phone and we will do the rest. This is to ensure everyone recieves the correct Race Pack as there are often many runners with the same name.

Can someone else compete using my race number?
Entries should not be used by another runner without our knowledge. Our database holds the information of the original entrant and may be required in case of emergency on race day.  We cannot allow runners to use another entrants competitors number for this reason.

Can I change the distance or exchange my place prior to entries closing?

Yes we will happily change your event subject to space for the chosen change before August 31st 2018. If you are upgrading we will simply ask for the difference in cost for the event, if you are dropping down we are unable to issue a refund. If you can no longer run and have a friend or family member who wishes to take your place we also offer this service. We offer this service with no admin costs so feel this is the fairest way to manage this. If you need to change your event please email: info@newforestmarathon.co.uk

Can I defer my place for next years event?

Deferral Policy 2018

If you are a New Forest Marathon 2017 entrant who is unable to run on Sunday September 9th, you have the option to defer your entry.  Please Note: If you defer your entry you will be given a guaranteed place in the 2019 New Forest Marathon providing you complete the following steps.

1) To defer your entry you will need to email info@newforestmarathon.co.uk before 5:00pm on 31st August 2018 where you will be added to the list and receive a confirmation email .  Unfortunately we are unable to defer any runners after this time.

2) Once added to the deferral list (step 1) simply email us to request your deferral entry code for the 2019 event between October 1st – November 1st 2018. This will be emailed out so you are able to re-enter again through the online entry system.

3) Your 2018 deferral to the 2019 New Forest Marathon will be compared to the 2018 results to confirm your non-participation in the event.

4) You can only defer your place once.  If you defer your place from the 2018 race to the 2019 race you cannot defer your place again to 2020.

Where does the New Forest Marathon and other races actually start from?
All races start and finish from New Park Showground, Brockenhurst SO42 7QH. Travel information including how to find us can be found in the useful information section of the website. Please be aware that road closures for the event may so please check out road closure detail once confirmed nearer the event date.

What distance are the Full and Half Marathon races?
The races are of standard distances as recognised by the appropriate governing bodies.  The half marathon measures 21.1 km (13 miles 192 yards) – whilst the full marathon length is 42.2 km (26 miles 385 yards).

Why is the Marathon classed as a ‘Multi-Terrain’ event? How much is off-road?
UK Athletics certification rules do not permit the New Forest Marathon to be called a ‘Road Race’ as the course includes various sections on a compacted gravel surface. These ‘off road’ sections total more than the required maximum of 2.6 km that are permitted to be a ‘Road Race’ so this has to be classed as ‘Multi-Terrain’. Our course has been reliably measured by a UK Athletics/RRC accredited measurer and is an accurate 26.2 miles (Full) / 13.1 miles (Half). The Half Marathon is also a multi terrain event as it is a mixture of road and compact gravel surfaces.

How hilly are the events ?

Are the races suitable for wheelchairs?
Regrettably, neither course is safe or suitable for wheelchairs. We believe that physical activity should be available to all so race accessibility is high on our priorities to develop as the event grows. If you would like to help us on this please get in touch and we will look to work into future plans.

Can I use electronic devices during the event?
Although not recommended, personal stereos, IPods & mp3 players can be used at the 2018 New Forest Marathon Event. Please read the following advice:

‘The New Forest Marathon Team follow UKA standards and strongly advise that you DO NOT wear in ear headphones or use audio devices during the race for your own safety, especially on road sections. However, we endorse the use of Aftershokz and similar bone conduction headphones as these provides a safe solution allowing participants to hear their surroundings as well as their music. In 2018 although NOT RECOMMENDED, there will be no disqualification for use of audio devices’.

Are there toilets on the routes?

Yes to put your mind at ease there are a number of toilets on the routes. Toilets are located at the following parts of the course which can be found by looking at the course profiles section:

    Start – Race Village (All events)
4.5 miles – Ornamental Drive Car Park (10k, Half and Full)
6.5 miles – Ornamental Drive Car Park (10k, Half and Full)
13.5 miles – Sway Village Hall (Full only)
20 miles – Wilverley Car Park (Full Only)

Is there somewhere to leave our baggage on Race Day?

We have  a large baggage area where you can leave one bag if you are running in any of the events. When you collect your Race Pack you will find a colour coded baggage sticker in your pack, simply fix to your bag and hand it to the team in the baggage area of your event . When you return this number corresponds to your race number and they will return your bag.

Cyclists – Child buggies – Dogs.
Coaching by accompanying cyclists in the race is not permitted due to the safety of fellow runners. For safety reasons child buggies and dogs are not permitted to accompany runners either. We encourage supporters to get around the route and support by following our spectators guide and helping inspire all runners to complete the course.

Can I walk the event? – What time does the course close?
The full and half marathons both close at 3.30pm. We encourage all to complete the courses and enter the distance that you feel you are able to cope with. The Marathon start time is 9.00am allowing you 6.5 hours to complete the course. The Half Marathon starts at 9.55am allowing you 6.0 hours to complete the course. If you don’t complete the course during this time our sweep bus will offer you a lift back to Start/Finish area or to the nearest sweep bus drop off point where you will be transferred back to the Race Village.

Can I run for a charity?
We encourage everyone to run for The New Forest Marathon Community Fund which benefits local good causes and inspires them to be active. Of course if you have a charity close to your heart and wish to raise money for them this is fine, we just ask if you can donate your first £10 to The New Forest Marathon Community Fund. Details on how to do this can be found in the fundraising section of this website.

Where can I find accommodation for race weekend?
There are many Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, holiday parks and campsites throughout the New Forest. For all the details visit the useful information section.

Download all essential information as a PDF for the 2018 found under Information tab on this website, this will be finalised nearer the .

Where can I find more information about the New Forest National Park?
A great guide to the New Forest National Park can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

If you require any further information please click Contact Us below:

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